It happened so that we got acquainted with a theatre school "Krug" (Circle). There children and youth aged 3 to 30 practice their talent in 12 different courses. We appreciated their creativity very much. What they do on stage is absolutely fantastic and definitely worthy of attention. 

 On September 26, with the support of "Architector Business Group", the crew performed on stage of Drama Theatre-School with the play "View". 

The play is composed of several acts, which are actors' improvisations. Ironic and sad view on the world of human relations. Each performer tells his own unique story. Participating actors with "peculiarities" give special emphasis to the subjects covered in the play. Thin matter of human relations is made up of hints, jestures, calls, glances. Each movement bears symbolic significance. The play uses this plastic way of expressing emotions, which is understood by every spectator. 

 The crew is open to dialogue and cooperation. Their desire is to change attitude towards people with limited abilities, to their creative potential,  and they are eager to share their experience. 

Listed below are possible lines of cooperation:

- Conducting workshops or crew participation in workshops of theater experts ( they know health-caring rehablitation techniques for training actor in such theatres). 

-Performances for people with limited abilities, for students, professors, psychologists etc. in museum exhibitions.  This is a brand new start for Russia, very promising, which can draw new visitors to museums, revitalise them. Through these performances the laws of dynamic composition can be learned, films can be made to help working with students in museums etc. 

 - Creating beautiful, meaningful advertisement based on improvisation. 

Long term plans of this crew include creating a theatre centre accessible for people with limited abilities, especially with psychical and mental limitations. 

If you are ready to open new boundaries in art, join our Circle!

Photos from the show:

Video: from TV channel Culture, fest "Proteatr")