News / Events

25 Jan 2012 ABG

ARCHITECTOR BUSINESS GROUP as a member of the Russian delegation, will take part in the International exhibition on Energy Efficient Construction KLIMAHOUSE 2012 which will take place on January, 26th-29 2012 in Bolzano (Italy), and also will participate in a forum "Future Building» where discussion of pressing questions by buildings’ estimation and certification, application of new power saving up technologies in building, the most successful examples of power effective concepts for separate buildings and municipal unions will take place.


19 Jan 2012 ABG

ARCHITECTOR  BUSINESS GROUP will take part in strategic session The Concept “Creation and development of a special economic zone in territory of island Russian, Vladivostok district”, which will take place on 20-21, January , 2012 in  Vladivostok.

On event possible results for region’ development  because of summit APEC Vladivostok 2012carrying out , prospect of development of tourism and the scientifically-educational center on the basis of special economic territory Island Russian  are considered.

Alexander Erzovsky, Main Architect of the company ARCHITECTOR BUSINESS GROUP, will take part in group work «Town-planning and a city infrastructure» where discussion of town-planning aspects of two offered variants of development of region will take place. The first variant is tourist. At session this concept will be presented by Nicolas Busho/Nicolas Buchoud, founder Renaissance Urbaine. The second is scientifically-educational (speaker will be Mr. John Richard Su/ Johann Richard Hsu, the representative of town-planning company Shanghai Etopia Building Development Company Ltd.).


9 Nov 2011 ABG

ARCHITECTОR BUSINESS GROUP has taken part in work of II International festival of innovative technologies in architecture and building «Green project 2011» which purpose is support and stimulation in Russia innovative ideas and the technologies providing creation of comfortable inhabitancy. 
In the second day of work of the festival we discussed important topic: How to transform green ideas into a reality in the Discussion Club, which was organized with assistance of our company. Nine noncommercial partnership have taken part in discussion, whose activity is focused on promotion and realization of ideas in the field of a sustainable development. In a role of the moderator of discussion the general director Andrey Bagaturija has acted. In the course of discussion of reports and presentations constructive dialogue between participants has been built, answers to many questions have sounded, and, the most important thing, there was a mutual interest to the further dialogue.


8 Oct 2011 ABG

We invite you to take part in the discution: How to transform green ideas into a reality. The primary task of the event is to present technological decisions, products and projects which on an example of already implemented objects show practical results of application of "green" technologies in architecture and building.

The debatable club is organized with assistance of the architectural company «ARCHITECTOR  BUSINESS GROUP» within the limits of the business program of festival «Zelennyj project-2011». The leader of discussion – Andrey Bagaturija.

Event will take place on November, 10th, 2011 at 11.00 to the address: 10, Krymsky Val, Moscow


Architector Business Group will take part in the International Conference: The International Practice of Railway Stations Development: from Designing to Investments Return

Alexander Erzovsky, The Ghief Architect of the company Architector Business Group will take part in the International Conference: The International Practice of Railway Stations Development: from Designing to Investments Return, which will take place on July 5-7, 2012 in Merano (Italy) with the company Russian Railways support.

Key components of activities for stations complexes modernization and development of station in Russia and Europe is supposed to consider. The conference program includes questions of stations designing, passenger traffic managements, passengers’ safety, station infrastructure constructions of taking into account requirements of the high-speed railway and intermodal transports.