-technical supervision

-technical customer

-property developer

-project management


The company “Architector Business Group” offers you the following services: project management in new construction, reconstruction, expansion, re-equipment, major and current repairs.

Several cooperation options are available:


  1. Technical supervision

In this variant we will supervise the deadlines and quality of construction, check for compliance with all standards and regulations, with total structural volumes, cost , methods, technologies applied , and also the quality of shell and core works:

  • Control of deadlines and work quality of various contractors (design, shell and core etc.)
  • Control of documents which are to certify the quality of constructions and materials, such as technical passports, certificates, laboratory tests results.
  • Control over site engineering in the process of construction.
  • Control of correspondence between figures in construction documents and work actually performed.
  • Stage-by-stage evaluation with representatives from general contractor and specialized organization, not excluding design organizations of performed works and construction elements, with intermediate test certificates on critical structures, including the inspection for performed concealed works.
  • Participation in audits carried out by state supervision bodies, to check the inventory coming for installation for quality and compliance with project requirements, to evaluate the assembly, to conduct comprehensive testing and acceptance.
  • Supervision over primary executional technical documentation (as-built drawings, instrumental work on erected constructions, buildings parts, edifices and utility lines, general and specific work logs) and all changes made to it connected with drawbacks and defects that occurred during shell and core works.


  1. Technical customer


    • Planning, coordination, control over construction and design contracts.
    • Potential risk evaluation during construction stage, advice on their detecting and elimination
    • Order and receipt of site study ( topographical surveys, soil surveying)
    • General construction concept development
    • Design assignment development together with the Customer
    • Project design management. Control over design works, advice on particular project design with full report to the Customer.
    • Preparation of assignment for project design and its coordination with design company.
    • Approval and confirmation of preliminary and construction documents.
    • Preparation for the tenders for contractor, subcontractor and supplier.
    • Technical supervision and control over process and quality of construction works.
    • Supervision over construction deadlines.
    • Participation in facility commissioning.


  1. Property developer

    At different project stages property developer performs following functions for the investor:

Pre-plan study

·        Determine construction concept

·        Develop layout drawings.

·        Customer’s approval of the best variant.



·         Control over initial design data completeness and quality.

·        Preparation, together with design and survey contractors, of assignment, construction documents, its approval according to the laws.

·        Conclusion of a treaty with relevant organizations on performance of planning and surveying, construction and scientific works.

·        Making a calendar of development and delivery of construction documents, supervision over the deadlines.

·        Approval, confirmation and re-confirmation of construction documents.

·        Determine the contract price; include all corrections, based on notes and remarks by contractors and expert bureaus, into relevant documentation.



 ·         Construction contracts execution according to standards

·        Verification of prices and submitted for payment documents from contractors, suppliers, planning and surveying and other organizations, for delivered goods and services provided.

·              Control over estimate limits.

·              Reclamations to contractors, suppliers, planning and surveying and other organizations for failing to fulfill contract commitments or for improper performance.

·              Conduct payment for work, on basis of signed documents, in compliance with agreed prices and work scope, and also final payments upon project completion.

·              Approval of price list for works carried out, if those works are additional and were not included into work scope.



·         Execution of approvals and presenting requests for equipment, materials, execution of foundations, technical data, construction documents etc., concluding contracts for production and delivery of equipment and materials, and supervision over their fulfillment.

·        Acceptance of equipment and materials from stock.

·        Making claims to manufacturing plants and suppliers in case defects or incompleteness of equipment is discovered, also late delivery or failure to deliver complete package.

·        Transfer of materials and equipment to contractors.

·        Help in choosing construction site and handing it over to general contractors within agreed time limits.

·        Receiving a permit to work in the zone of power lines and communication lines, near railways, at the site of underground facilities.

·        Permit to use electricity, water, sewers during construction.

·        Permit to cut or replant trees.

·        Order of geodetic control network for construction.

·        Registry in  State Architecture and Construction Control Administration of office holders of the organizations conducting the construction, also author’s and technical supervision.

·        Construction permit

·        Conducting control and technical supervision over construction, compliance of work scope, quality and price of work done with original project and estimates, constructions codes and standards.

·        Designer supervision over project organizations.

·        Control over project execution, its compliance with construction norms and rules.

·        Carry out geodetic measurements of buildings base deformation, carry out controlling land surveying, and introduce changes to general plan, based on the findings.


Object Commissioning

·        Present, together with contractors and project organizations, all necessary documents on completed construction objects to the State Acceptance Commission.

·        Present to the State Acceptance Commission auxiliary objects.

·        After acceptance by the Commission, transfer of all documents to the operating organization

·        Payments to all organizations after construction has been complete.

  1. Project management

 Having decided to execute the project, the Investor can delegate the project management to our team from concept design to commissioning, rather that creating his own department for this matter. 

Based on client’s wishes, the scale and peculiarities of the project, we will build a team, which will be responsible for the project, giving prompt reports to the client.