Marketing & Audit

 Architector Business Group proposes consulting services in development of reconstructed or new territories, consulting in commercial, trading, warehouse, industrial and hotel real estate development.


Detailed strategy of the project development, qualitative planning and the analysis will allow to create the modern and qualitative project, to minimize risks, to improve financial indicators.


We offer:

The analysis of the ground area and its site.

The territory analysis, revealing of points of growth, determination of tendencies of the further development.

The analysis most an effective utilization.

An express-analyses of the project’ develop.

Calculation of key indicators of the project conception.

Optimization of the existing project.

Determination of potential of a site from the point of view of building of various kinds of real estate.

Forming and comparison of different variants of building, a choice of the optimal balance of the areas.

Development of the Technical project on designing.

Audit of the existing concept, the estimate on construction.

Projecting and engineering features of the constructed buildings and the constructions, the project design decisions.


At carrying out of the marketing analysis we are guided by town-planning and market restrictions, possibilities of the Investor on constructing financings, the concept efficiency.


More detailed information in a direction and our experience in realization of similar projects can be received at our specialists.

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