Facility Management

One of “Architector Business Group” activity areas is professional management, operation and engineering and technical attendance of buildings:

 -         public places (hotels, malls, shops, office buildings, sport centres)

-         elite housing (villa communities, private residences, apartments)

-         industrial and engineering facilities.

 To achieve the most efficient building operation we will develop an individual program of technical operation for engineering systems and structures, which will make allowance for design features and current state of the systems.

 If the proprietor wishes, we can conduct regular planned check –up , and on request daily, weekly, monthly, biannual and unscheduled examinations and checks. Besides that, we provide prompt service of water supply, heating systems, ventilation, sewers, fire-extinguisher and smoke removal systems, internal communication networks, façade and roofing constructions, the state of internal and external finishing. We can design building operation, regulations for operation and maintenance, maintain technical documentation and technical passport of the facility.


Our engineering-operation team can conduct technical supervision both on the built facility and on facility in the process of construction, also they can provide uninterrupted supply of materials.

You can contact our experts to outline the required scope of work by calling the number in Contacts section.