“Architector Business Group” provides services in execution and approval of initial permissive documentation (IPD) and receipt of urban land development plan (ULDP).

 Initial permissive documentation is prepared according to the approved urban planning documentation or on the basis of urban planning conclusion. IPD for new projects is to be registered in the State Town Planning Cadastre.

 Statutory authority for preparation of IPD for object construction and land lease for these purposes include:

 ·        Commission by district prefect;

·        Commission by deputy district prefect;

·        Commission by Town (district) committee on property-land relations or town planning or a legal act  from town administration.

 Statutory authority for preparation of IPD for object construction with land relations already executed:

·        Commission by district prefect;

·        Commission by deputy district prefect;

·        Letter of inquiry from the customer;

·        Receipt of technical requirements for utility hook-up (electricity, gas, water supply, waste sewers, drainage).

 IPD includes administrative documents ( resolutions, decrees), permits, technical requirements, materials on engineering surveys, approvals and confirmations, and other documents, received from authorized public authorities and specialized organizations for development and approval of project documentation and for building real estate.

 The receipt of the entire package of approval and permissive documentation , which is required for construction design, reconstruction, partial or complete technical re-equipment , major repairs of buildings and edifices, is carried out by a developer who is entitled to the land. Also abovementioned documentation can be obtained by a technical customer, working for the investor-developer and acting on his behalf.

 Initial permissive documentation is given to the applicant by a special public authority or an authorized organization for a fixed fee and on a mandatory basis (provided all requirements are fulfilled).

 When the Act expires Moscow Architect Committee, with the approval of district prefecture, and on the grounds of developer request, makes a decision whether to re-issue, extend or annul the Act.

 Statutory authority for receiving the rights to construct a building, with executed land and property relations, is the permit from Moscow Architect Committee for design and construction, executed in accordance with the package of initial permissive documentation. Further stages of document execution will follow.

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