Construction department of "Architector Business Group" company provides the entire service range in erection and reconstruction of buildings and edifices from the ground work to final decoration work and interior procurement . 

One of our priorities is working with DeLuxe real estate. 

Company provides the following services:

 Acting as a construction manager, including the functions of technical supervisor:

  • organizing and tracking front end engineering design and design works;
  • execution of permission documentation;
  • organizing and tracking of construction operations;
  • technical supervision;
  • preparing tender documentation and organizing tenders;
  • completion.

 Acting as a general constructor.

 Performing construction work of any conplexity profile:

  • erection and reconstruction of any commercial building or edifice : office buildings, malls etc.;
  • erection and reconstruction of residence buildings: houses, cottages, DeLuxe mansions;
  • maintenance, finishing work and interior procurement: office space; public space - restaurants, shops, hotels; private residences; apartments; land improvement;
  • all types of facade works;
  • all types of roofing works.